What is KommITS?

KommITS is a society aiming to utilize the interest in ICT-matters primarily at small and medium sized municipalities. It is to be a forum for shared experiences among those in charge of ICT at various local government authorities.

The society was officially formed on June 13th 1996 in Gothenburg, and consists of a committee elected at the annual board meeting. KommITS was formed by representatives from approximatly 170 local authorities. They come from Ystad in the south, Luleå in the north and Strömstad in the west. Lekeberg is our smallest and Umeå our largest member community. Besides arranging confereces – presently twice a year – we also work to create valuable agreements for cooperation with a number of suppliers. We enjoy close collaboration with the ICT-sector of Svenska Kommunförbundet as well as with sister societies in the United States, Britain, Holland, Canada, Belgium and New Zealand.

But our most important function are perhaps to constitute a forum for the exchange of ideas with good opportunities to make contacts that will be useful in our daily work. Our society is open to all local authorities regardless of their technical status, and we are independent of suppliers.

The purpose of KommITS

  • Bring ICT-matters into focus at local government authorities
  • Draw attention to the importance of information technique for the efficiency of local government administration.
  • Raise the status of the ICT section of local gevernment authorities.
  • Circulate information among members and stimulate the exchange of ideas both on a regional and a national level.
  • Maintain a dialogue and be a prod vis-á-vis the suppliers of ICT-services.
  • Represent our members in their dealings with authorities and other organizations.

The organization of KommITS
Like all similar organizations, our society requiers commitment without compensation. On a national level the work of the society is to be focused on external contacts, distribution of info and organization of national conferences and meetings. Apart from the annual national meeting, we have plans for cooperation on an international level.